We’ll answer frequently asked questions (FAQ) about working with The FitnessLAB here:

1Do you offer free health consultations?

We do not offer any services for free at The FitnessLAB.

2What are exercise supplements and correctives?

Exercise supplements and correctives are designed to offset the lack of movement during the course of your day. These supplements and correctives may seem simple, although they are powerful and aid in structural and movement health. For many they are less demanding than training, however they are supportive and equally important. Each supplement and corrective can be used to elicit different responses. They are used by The FitnessLAB Movement Specialists to help you achieve optimal results.

3What does training at The FitnessLAB look like?

Training builds upon your recommended routines and activities of daily living. Your phase of training will be relevant to your needs and intended results. All to support you in feeling, moving, and performing better whatever your demands are.

Our seamlessly integrated training approach is guided by the following:

  • Safety throughout the process (exercise does not need to be distressing). We continually monitor your technical proficiency, intensity, volume.
  • Physical and movement asymmetries minimized
  • Reduced injury risk potential
  • Movement and performance development
  • Continual results
4What type of clothing is best for PT and Training?

You should wear comfortable clothing and shoes. If we are treating an extremity we will need to expose the area. For neck and back injuries we will also need to expose the area for evaluation and treatment procedures. We do provide gowns and private changing areas. Workout attire and sneakers are best for training clients.

5Do you accept insurance?

The Fitness LAB does accept Insurance:

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield – All commercial and medicare plans

United Healthcare – All commercial and medicare plans





6Do I need a doctor referral?

No, you do not need a referral from an MD in order to receive physical therapy or medical exercise services at The FitnessLAB.

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