Medical Exercise

At the Fitness Lab, our Medical Exercise Program begins where traditional PT ends for patients with chronic medical conditions. This program consists of a medically guided exercise for ongoing management of patients that either have reached their insurance cap or for the patients that don’t “fit” into traditional PT services but still require medical supervision with exercise. The Fitness Lab’s Medical Exercise Specialist strive to maintain or improve the gains made in PT by utilizing a series of neurological, musculoskeletal, and functional movement assessments to aide in corrective exercise prescription.

Our medical exercise Specialist then design a training program aimed at restoring normal nerve, joint and muscle function while improving overall mobility, flexibility, and strength. All of our Medical Exercise Programs are designed to be condition (link to conditions we treat) specific and are comprehensive in nature.

If you have already completed a physical therapy program but still need ongoing medical management in order to maintain or progress with your physical fitness we can help! Contact our physical therapists or give the Fitness Lab a call today at 303-800-2829 to get started!