diabetes Highlands Ranch, CO


As a diabetic client, you will benefit from a well-designed, safe and effective fitness program. Your program will closely monitor blood glucose and exercise intensity. Exercise intensity will be monitored using “Rate of Perceived Exertion” to ensure we do not overstress your body and create too great of a demand on your endocrine system. The program must be vigorous enough to enhance muscle strength and cardiovascular function, but must be closely monitored to avoid exercise that may prove unsafe for you as exercise has an insulin-like effect on the body.
A combination of weight training and cardiovascular training are recommended for diabetics as each exercise modality promotes your body to better utilize oxygen, decrease a1c levels, increase strength, endurance, and balance.

Medical Exercise will focus on rebuilding your body to better manage your diabetes. We start each exercise session with a long warm up at a very low intensity followed by muscle stretching, as the muscles of the diabetic client typically require more activity to warm up. After stretching, begin training with weights. We program our exercise circuits to include activities for each major muscle group. Our goal is to complete a comprehensive circuit under low-intensity exercise for a long duration. With this, we ensure the client is wearing the proper footwear and is acting appropriately to care for the feet.

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