hypertension Highlands Ranch & Greenwood Village, CO


The hypertensive client will benefit from a well-designed safe and effective fitness program. The program should closely monitor blood pressure and exercise intensity. Exercise intensity will be monitored using “Rate of Perceived Exertion” due to heart rate dampening caused by medications. Contrary to many opinions, weight training should be performed by the hypertensive client with close monitoring. Weight training is allowed for blood pressure values less than 180/105. Resisted exercise should not be used with clients with congestive heart failure, unstable angina, uncontrolled arrhythmias or resting blood pressure greater than 180/105. Resting blood pressures greater than 160/100 should not be allowed to perform cardiovascular exercise unless the physician has authorized greater values. A greater than 20 mm Hg increase in exercise blood pressure warrants an immediate termination of exercise.

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