Cupping/ Myofascial Decompression Highlands Ranch,CO

Cupping/Myofascial Decompression

Myofascial Decompression (MFD), sometimes called Therapeutic Cupping, is a unique manual therapy technique employed by clinicians at the Fitness LAB which combines movement patterning with negative pressure. This negative pressure causes the skin and underlying adhesions (fibrotic tissue) to lift away from the body, decreasing the overall compressive forces at play. These negative compressive forces, or lift, helps to promote healing through:

  • Decreasing Trigger Points and myofascial dysfunctions
  • Improving Scar Tissue Mobility
  • Releasing tight muscles while improving flexibility and range of motion
  • Restoring proper neuromuscular movement patterns and biomechanics
  • Improving circulation / reducing inhibition of fluids
  • Reducing perception of pain

Although MFD is often mistaken for the traditional Chinese cupping, it differs in a variety of ways. MFD foundations are based in Western Medicine, with a strong reliance on musculoskeletal and functional movement pattern assessments which are used to assist in the identification and treatment of the underlying adhesions. Unlike MFD, traditional Chinese cupping does not typically include movement and predominantly focuses on energy imbalances.

MFD has been shown to be an effective treatment for patients in orthopedics, sports medicine, and neuro settings. Improvements are often seen in soft tissue restrictions (contractures and scar tissue), post-op recovery, biomechanics (dominance strategies and postural dysfunction), flexibility, and range of motion.

There are multiple different MFD techniques that are employed by our clinicians at the Fitness LAB as part of our individualized treatment plans. If you are curious if MFD is right for you, please contact one of our Doctors of Physical Therapy to discuss what the best treatment options are for you at Highlands Ranch, CO centers. Our team of physical therapist will help you live life pain-free.