Small Group Training

Searching for a more social way to workout? The Fitness Lab Small Group Training program pairs you with some of the best trainers in in a fun and energetic group setting. The Fitness Lab small group training programs allow you to share the cost of the trainer and be able to train more frequently. This allows our small groups of 3-5 to still receive individual attention while working out in a social atmosphere. This will allow you to achieve greater results faster.

Do you want to work out with your family, friends, and coworkers? We encourage you to build your own groups of 3-5 people which allows you to create the best possible environment for you to succeed.

Don’t worry if you new to the area or can’t find enough people for a group. Let the Fitness Lab help you make new friends. We are always looking for clients to start new groups or to add to the preexisting group.

Contact us below or give the Fitness Lab a call 303-800-2829 to get started with you small group training classes today! Our team of physical therapist will provide the best training programs.