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The Fitness Lab Powerlifting programs are designed to produce maximal strength output. Programming is designed around the three main powerlifting movements: squat, bench press, and deadlifts. Just like all other types of training we strongly believe in starting powerlifters with a comprehensive assessment. The trainers at the Fitness Lab will screen you for deviances in range of motion, core strength, as well as a complete functional movement profile to highlight asymmetries that can greatly alter your progressions or even lead to injury. Throughout the entire duration of the training program, all powerlifters will be encouraged to continually demonstrate proper eating and recovery habits. At the Fitness Lab, we are confident that we can help anyone from the average Joe who has never touched a weight to the elite powerlifter, meet and exceed their goals. Give the Fitness Lab a call today at 303-800-2829 or request an appointment to get started! Visit our centers at Highlands Ranch, CO.