rockclimbing rehab, Highlands Ranch, CO

Rock Climbing/Bouldering

Climbing in the gym or outside can be a great time and offers a superb way to get a full body workout. Since rock climbing is a skill-based sport, the more you practice the better you get. In most cases, individuals tend to practice what they are already good at which leads to imbalances in strength and flexibility while making you more susceptible to injury.

To correct these imbalances and to improve your overall performance, more traditional strength and conditioning exercises should be incorporated into your training plans. In order to maximize performance and minimize injury, all athletes that rock climb and boulder should know exactly where they stand with their strength and conditioning.

During your initial consultation at the Fitness Lab, you will undergo a full functional assessment designed to identify any musculoskeletal imbalances that you have. Our trainers use the information gathered during your functional assessment to design an individualized functional strength and conditioning program to improve range of motion, flexibility, strength, and endurance while reducing your risk of injury.

Whether your stepping into a one of the local rock climbing gyms for the first time, climbing 5.14, or bouldering V12’s, the Fitness Lab is your source for all rock climbing functional movement and injury prevention training. Give us a call at 303-800-2829 or contact us to get started. We are available in the locations of Highlands Ranch, CO.