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Here in Colorado, we are privileged to have world-class skiing at our doorsteps. If you’re reading this, you already know how addicting skiing is. Unfortunately, skiing is equally as dangerous as it is fun. Whether it’s the ever-changing conditions on the mountain, an out of control skier or boarder, or lack of proper conditioning, a beautiful day on the slopes can turn disastrous in a second.

Although you may not be able to control the conditions on the mountain or the other skier on the hill, you can control your strength and conditioning.

It’s important to realize the physical demands that skiing places on the body. Whether you’re out there taking your first turn, dropping in on the pipe, hitting a rail, or hiking the backcountry, skiing requires a tremendous amount of strength, balance, and coordination.

For beginners and experts alike, improvements in these areas can drastically improve performance on the mountain – not to mention the amount of fun you’ll have will dramatically increase with your conditioning!

The Fitness Lab designs skier specific training programs that focus on functional strength and neurological training to improve power, balance, and endurance on the ski. Our programming results in skiers seeing improved performance on the mountain with more powerful and fluid turns and longer days on the mountain with reduced fatigue and decreased overall risk of injury.

Whether you are looking to podium in a race, keep up with your kids, impress in the terrain park, or simply stay injury free and enjoy the winter the Fitness Lab can help! Find out how by calling us at 303-800-2829 or contact us today to get started! Visit our centers at Highlands Ranch & Greenwood Village, CO.