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If you have ever been on a snowboard you know it can be an exhilarating experience. It is also quite difficult and demanding on the body. Whether you’re out there taking your first turn, dropping in on the pipe, hitting a rail, or hiking the backcountry, snowboarding requires a tremendous amount of strength, balance, and coordination. For beginners and experts alike, improvements in these areas can drastically improve performance on the mountain – not to mention the amount of fun you’ll have will dramatically increase with your conditioning.

The Fitness Lab designs snowboarder specific training programs that focus on challenging the bodies neural networks to generate more coordinated muscle contractions allowing for improved stability and balance on the board and ultimately resulting in more time on your feet and less time laid out on your butt in the snow. Our snowboard training programs are rooted in functional movements and are geared to enhance strength, balance, and endurance. This results in boarders seeing improved performance on the mountain with more powerful and fluid turns, higher ollies, and longer days on the mountain with reduced fatigue and decreased overall risk of injury. Whether you’re just looking to reduce snowboard-related injuries or take boarding to the next level this season, the Fitness Lab can help. Find out how by calling us at 303-800-2829 or by requesting an appointment at Highlands Ranch, CO.