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The repetition in tennis can result in overuse injuries, especially in the elbow, shoulder, or neck. Good habits need to be built from the ground up with a strong emphasis on core and rotational movements. The arm should be used for finesse while your power should be derived from your hips and your core. Despite elite level coaching available in the great Denver area, many tennis players have a hard time achieving this and are often plagued with nagging injuries. This is not due to lack of trying on the court or proper tennis instruction. Most tennis players have poor flexibility and motor control of the hip, core, and shoulder region that are never properly addressed. Not to fear, the Fitness Lab can Help!

All tennis players seen at the Fitness Lab undergo a rigorous assessment that analyzes the primary functional movements that are involved in the sport along with more detailed flexibility and strength testing of the hips, core, shoulder, and scapulothoracic spine. Once evaluated, the trainers (link) at the Fitness Lab develop an individualized training program that helps you eliminate deficits in the range of motion, flexibility, and strength. With the underlying strength and mobility deficits addressed, you’ll be stronger and faster on the court and less likely to sustain an injury. If you’re ready to run faster, serve harder and be the best tennis you can be, give the Fitness Lab a call at 303-800-2829 or request an appointment.