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Competing in a triathlon is incredibly complex and technical. The repetition in all three events makes triathletes susceptible to injury and prolonged positions on the bicycle can wreak havoc on the body. Open water swimming is very different than in a pool and demands more range of motion at the spine and in the shoulders to cut through waves and to spot your path. It’s important that you have confidence in yourself and to know that you have done everything in power to ensure that the race goes smoothly. Staying healthy and remaining injury free while training is essential to finishing strong on race day. The Fitness Lab’s approach to training triathletes includes a strong emphasis on flexibility and strengthening as these tend to be needed due to the grueling nature and repetition of the training process. Curious to know how the Fitness Lab can help you stay injury free, complete the race, and even set a new PR? Give us call at 303-800-2829 or request an appointment Highlands Ranch & Greenwood Village, CO centers.