Physical Therapy Telehealth

The Fitness Lab is now offering telehealth services which allows us to broaden our care and share our expertise in physical therapy with not only our current patients but also to those outside of the immediate Denver Metro area. The Fitness Lab specializes in virtual rehab and telehealth services for patients with orthopedic, post-surgical, chronic pain, neurological, and musculoskeletal conditions.

During telehealth appointments, our team utilizes a custom HIPAA secured compliant digital platform from Phzio to remotely consult with patients. Fitness Labs suite of virtual services allows the therapists to provide expert physical therapy services while the patient remains in the comfort of their own home.  All telehealth sessions are individualized to each patient’s specific needs, with a focus on reducing pain and progressing the rehab process.



Telehealth is when medical services are provided to a patient remotely via electronic communications in order to improve access to care. Typically this is done via live, 2 way video conferencing with the patient remaining at home and the physical therapist working remotely. Telehealth sessions resemble traditional therapy in that a patient goes through a physical therapy evaluation, current status and symptoms are discussed, measurements are taken, exercises are reviewed, technical feedback is provided, and home exercise programs are progressed.

Telehealth services are extremely beneficial for patients experiencing transportation issues,  restrictions due to illness or surgery, limitations due to inclement weather, in times of a community health crisis such as COVID-19, or are just looking for the convenience of doing physical therapy at home or in a setting of their choice on their own time.



An E-visit is any communication, outreach, or treatment guided by a licensed healthcare professional. E-visits include emails, phone calls, and/ or digital home exercise programs. E-visits typically are a less intensive form of communication which can be ideal for individuals who simply need check-ups while progressing independently through their plan of care at home.



All virtual and digital programs provided by the Fitness Lab are custom tailored to your needs by your Doctor of Physical Therapy using the latest in medical technology. For E-visits, we utilize a combination of phone calls, emails, and a digital home exercise program. For telehealth, we use a custom HIPAA compliant digital platform called Phzio. All telehealth sessions at the Fitness Lab are performed by your physical therapist remotely with the following features:

  • Live video treatment sessions which includes range of motion measurements, exercise instruction, and technique corrections – all performed in real time!
  • Flexible treatment plans based on how you’re feeling that day.
  • Home exercise programming: Digital instructions and video demonstrations for the rehabilitation routine to be completed at home. These are individually designed to help you in the most effective and efficient way possible.



We get this question a lot. Most people only think of the physical side of physical therapy. In reality there are so many other ways that physical therapists can help patients progress with their rehab and achieve their goals. While most patients and therapists alike recognize that manual therapy is an extremely valuable part of treatment, telehealth is an incredibly effective option for continuing necessary physical therapy treatment when traditional care is not accessible and/ or as an adjunct to facilitate improved compliance and accelerate the rehab process.

We feel that our combination of proven technology coupled with our highly skilled physical therapist will keep you moving in the right direction even if you are not able to make it into the clinic. This is supported by recent research performed at Duke University which showed cost reduction while keeping outcomes on pace with traditional therapy resulting in higher patient satisfaction scores and increased compliance.



In many cases, yes! The Fitness Lab has been working diligently with all of our in-network insurance companies to confirm patient benefits for telehealth services. Our list of covered services are constantly being updated.

In the event that your plan does not cover telehealth or if you wish to remove some of the restrictions placed on your care by your insurance company, we offer a significantly reduced cash rate of $75 for an evaluation and $45 for a follow-up visit. Please call us at 303-800-2829 if you have any questions.


Access us from a variety of devices!


For questions about payments or to learn more about telehealth services, contact us!

Fill out the form and let us know the best way to contact you (email, text, and/ or phone), a preferred time for us to reach out, and any other questions you may have. This allows us to reach out to you personally and discuss your physical therapy needs. After we touch base, we will send you a personalized link  which allows you to access our private telehealth portal on the web, your smartphone, and/or tablet device ensuring that you can access us wherever you maybe!